KW37 - Language

August 19, 2019

On this podcast, we have discussed the importance of the stories we tell ourselves in how they can change our lives ad shape the future. We have also often discussed many facets of communication with others. In this episode we take a slightly deeper look at the words themselves. How can changing, moving, or removing words shape our identity. We also discuss how internal language effects external language, the importance of metrics and self talk, and even play with a few examples of how we can practice this. 

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Books/Resources Mentioned:

The Strong Coach

Mike Bledsoe

Danny Rios


Mark England

Training Camp for the Soul

Zig Ziglar

KW22 Habits and Opinions w/ James Clear

James Clear

Nonviolent Communication

Fuji BJJ

KW30 Reality: Notice, Imagine, Feel

KW31 Nonviolent Communication



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