KW38 - The Missing Step to More Creativity and Happiness

August 26, 2019

How can creativity improve your life? How can it bring more happiness into your life? How can we open up the possibility for creation?

This week we are diving into the importance of creativity, how it has improved our lives, how we imagine it can continue to do so, steps we have taken to nurture creativity, and concepts that we believe will help you find more happiness. 

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Books/Resources Mentioned:

KW12 - Sleep and Play

KW33 - Refill Your Cup

The Strong Coach

Mike Bledsoe

Danny Rios


Mark England

Nonviolent Communication


Stuart Brown

National Institute of Play

Six Days to Air

South Park

Hatch Squat/Gayle Hatch

Leo Savage/Mace Flow

Barbell Shrugged



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