KW32 - Tribal Thinking and Social Media

July 15, 2019

This week we break down the idea of tribal versus global thinking. The concept of focusing more on genuinely engaging with a smaller group of people that you bring value to and bring value to your life, instead of focusing on getting as much attention as possible. This is something that can be applied in business and life. A lot of this discussion focuses around social media, how we have used it int he past, how we are getting away from it more and more, the positive effects it has had on our lives, and more. 

Books/Resources Mentioned:

Seth Godin

Tim Ferris

Freedom App

Old Forester

THE Ohio State University


Dr. Richard Ulm

James Clear


Tony Robbins

Gary Vaynerchuk

Space Time



Strong Coach 

NonViolent Communication



BBQ Pit Boys

Andy Frisella

Tara Brach


Tyler S

Danny Rios

Michael Evans

WodSites - Cody

Rita Hechmer

Mark Slane

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