KW29 - Taking Action

June 24, 2019

How many times have you thought of doing something, or even said out loud you would do something and just didn't follow through? Are you someone that likes to plan or someone that just gets going? In this episode we discuss the importance of taking action, the issues we run into when we plan and don't do, seeing the big picture goals, the beauty in taking small actions over time, and how Drew and Aaron operate differently in this regard.

We also have a pretty HUGE announcement at the end which we're very excited about so tune in and enjoy!

Books/Resources Mentioned:


Michter's Rye

Andy Frisella

Seth Godin

Dr. Ulm

Strong Coach 

Atomic Habits - James Clear

Lone Star Etch

Zig Ziglar


The Last Safe Investment


Rogue Fitness

Bill Henniger

Arnold Sports Festival

Classic Productions/Lorimers

Richard Branson

Essentialism - Greg McKeown

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