KW22 - Habits and Identity w/ James Clear

May 6, 2019

This week we have the one and only James Clear on the podcast. Photography enthusiast, master of habitual action taking, moderately above average weightlifter, and all around upstanding gentleman... oh and author of the best selling book Atomic Habits.

We take a look at habits, the importance of identity based habits, dive into the hardest habits to break (and why), discuss principles, the learning process from putting information out, how to break through to the top 20% of your field, how James became "an overnight success" and more.

HUGE Thank you to our good friend James for coming on the show and sharing his wealth of knowledge!

Books/Resources Mentioned:

Atomic Habits - James Clear

Rob Pincus


Tim Ferris

Seth Godin

Dr. Eric Serrano


Dr. Richard Ulm - Athlete Enhancement





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